Bill & Bonnie Daniels Firefighters Hall & Museum

Mission Statement


Dedicated to the memory of the late Captain Wilton Daniels of the Minneapolis Fire Department and his wife Bonnie who, through a generous bequest, made possible a firefighters hall for the use and enjoyment of active and retired Minneapolis firefighters, and a public museum dedicated to the education and enjoyment of visitors, young and adult.

The seven goal statements that are part of the Mission:

  1. To teach pre-school and school age children, as well as adults, essentials of fire safety both in the home and in the countryside.
  2. To present the history and evolution of firefighting through the display of equipment, lectures, interactive displays, hands on experience, and contact with retired firefighters, and others.
  3. To collaborate with interested fire departments in conducting classes for youngsters in the basics of fire prevention.
  4. To collaborate with teachers to bring classes to the museum for both and educational and enjoyable experience
  5. To use volunteer staff, including active and retired firefighters, to teach and demonstrate fire education and prevention objectives.
  6. To provide a facility where active and retired firefighters and others may gather for business, social, and other meetings and events.
  7. To provide a meeting place for retired firefighters in proximity to a museum where they can become an integral part of the education and fire prevention objectives and provide the setting for their years of experience and expertise to be put to ongoing volunteer service.